Closed Loop Systems


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Welcome to Closed Loop Systems, a young organization that provides energy, efficiency, water and recycling solutions based on renewable resources to meet essential needs of clients.

Availability of reliable, on-demand and low cost electricity, thermal energy and cooling capacity is critical for the competitive and profitable operations of any enterprise. Most commercial and industrial enterprises in India suffer from a want of these crucial inputs, resulting in reduced competitiveness, unpredictable operations, higher cost fossil fuel alternatives and resultant operating losses. We empower our clients to be energy independent and profitable.

Water is life. Availability of quality water is crucial for the very survival of mankind. This is especially true of rural areas and industries, as most groundwater sources are under severe stress across the country. Our solution literally springs from the air.

Accumulation of waste plastics, non-biodegradable by nature, imposes a severe burden of debris on already ecologically stressed urban areas. We help remove this unseemly accretion, converting an environmental problem into an energy solution. A Megawatt saved is a Negawatt produced. This concept of Negawatt of avoided power using energy conservation lies at the root of our energy efficiency initiatives, which usually recover the investments in less than 2 years.

All our solutions directly result in one or more of the following benefits for our clients:

a. Reliable and predictable operations
b. Improved operational efficiency
c. Decreased cost of operation from reduced cost of electricity by up to 75%.
d. Faster time to market
e. Higher profit margins and ROI
f. Higher employee productivity and morale
g. Low to negative carbon footprint from operations

We provide turnkey solutions for producing power, thermal energy and transportation fuels, using biomass as feedstock. We use cutting edge and proven technologies in Biomethanation, Biomass Pyrolysis and Biomass Gasification for achieving these primary objectives.

Energy and water are interlinked in several ways and we provide plants that recover water-from-air for meeting the domestic drinking water needs in urban and rural areas and the industrial water needs.

We provide plants for recycling waste plastics and convert them to petroleum fuels and provide turnkey energy efficiency solutions that significantly reduce costs.

We help produce green Megawatts and greener Negawatts.